Return after the summer holidays of the S1000RR Cup in Motorland Aragón

5rd Race COPA S1000RR easyRace 2017

The activity returns to the S1000RR Cup after the summer holidays and it comes back at one of the best tracks of Spain, Motorland Aragón, the same race track used in many international competitions such as MotoGP.

The first training session was disputed under a slight cold and the South American riders Sebastián Martínez and Sergio Fasci, who came to visit and know more about our championship, were the fastests, followed by the championship leader, David Vigueras.

The Superpole was a bit more complicated as this is a long race track and the opportunities are set almost to only one lap. The argentinian Sergio Fasci knew how to adapt himself to this conditions and received the Kronos watch for being the Poleman.

At the beginning of the afternoon the red light switched off and Alberto Serrano made an incredible start to reach the lead on the first corner after starting on the second lane of the grid. Vigueras and Fasci followed him after this first corner.

During the second lap, Fasci could handle to reach the lead and confirming the good pace showed during the training sessions. On the other hand, Sebastián Martínez was overtaking many rivals after an error at the start.

It wasn’t until the half of the race where he could finally overtake Serrano, the Superstock leader of the championship. Serrano didn’t want to start a battle as Martínez was competing with a Superbike and let him get the second step of the final podium. Nevertheless, Martínez didn’t want to keep that second position and faught with Fasci for the win, finally obtained by Martínez.

Special mention to the great work made by Stephanie Devoto, the uruguayan rider who was racing one of her first races and didn’t know the race track. She finally went up to the third step of the podium in the Rookies classification.

Intense racing day after the summer break which is just the beginning as we’re racing again next week in Valencia, on September 9th.


1º Sebastián Martínez
2º Sergio Fasci
3º David Vigueras

1º Alberto Serrano
2º Jose A. Godía
3º Moises Lazarán

1º Juan M. Ruiz
2º Marcio Botacin
3º Lucian Pop

1º Angel Blanco
2º Stephanie Devoto
3ª Santiago de Diego

Text: Dto. Prensa Easyrace
Pictures: Negami.